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sure signs you’re having a day like Josh Hall

9 September, 2004 (02:53) | Ramblings

1.  a gay midget carrying a Chihuahua yells at you for jay walking. 2.  you pull up to the parking lot gate around 11pm, and right before you insert your card for the arm to lift, the power goes out…and doesn’t come back on before you have to go to work at 4 am. 3.  […]

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i want to hitchhike.

24 June, 2004 (22:58) | Personal Update

Got a call for a job down at PPG, i have to take some kind of a test. They say it is pretty hard, and a lot of people fail it. if you score too high or too low, you fail. It’s like an IQ test i think, where you have puzzles and stuff to […]

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there and back again.

20 June, 2004 (02:36) | Personal Update

well, personal updates have been lacking from me for a few reasons.  One is, the dragon game has been demanding more and more from me as more and more players are coming, and more and more players are advancing in the game.  A few other people have offered to pitch in with the coding aspect, […]

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A wise man doesn’t argue with fools

2 June, 2004 (22:29) | Memorable Quotes

“A wise man once said don’t argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” -Thanks the_big_wiggle

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history repeating itself

27 May, 2004 (14:43) | Personal Update

so here i am, same boat that i was in this time last year, on the hunt for a job.  Just 1 interview so far, nothing back from that yet either.  I am sending my resume all over the country, honestly, i am hoping for a move.  I haven’t been happy for a while, and […]

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a charity event

20 May, 2004 (21:50) | Thoughts & Ideas

i had this idea specifically with maria carey, thinking about her pointless existence, and how she could contribute to society, and this is what i came up with, that can be applied to anyone. set up a small stage and a table in a big city.  Have someone at the table take donations 24/7 and […]

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