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I am being called to Mycenia

8 May, 2005 (18:52) | Dreams

So i was sleeping at Mike’s place this weekend, and Sunday morning, I feel like i wake up to a deep, slow, declarative male voice saying, “Joshua Hall, it is time to get up and go. Get up and begin your way to mycenia.” It said it twice. One time, i swear my eyes were […]

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riddle me this, riddle me that.

2 April, 2005 (08:46) | Dreams

had an interesting dream last night. I was at a doctors office with 2 friends, and the three of us were having a conversation with the doctor. somewhere in the conversation, the doctor tried to make a joke, and then punchline was, “you know what they say about the a doctor’s wife.” the three of […]

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washington DC rednecks

16 March, 2005 (04:40) | Dreams

Had a small dream last night where i was at my dad’s funeral, but it was in washington DC. Afterwards, my step-dad, Chris, and I walked out of the funeral home, and across the river you could see the lincoln memorial, but it had 7 circular rotundas in a semi-circle around it, each one about […]

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invisibility and the end of the world

28 January, 2005 (21:55) | Dreams

I’m not sure if i should post just any dream i remember, or just the ones that are weird. What do you think? This next one, i woke up remembering the end part, and was just going to post that, but then i remembered all that happenned before it that wasn’t related, so i wasn’t […]

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The third floor

16 January, 2005 (16:31) | Dreams

I used to have a dreams section in the forums, but i got rid of it. so welcome the first story of my dreams topics. Had a dream last night, that was really like me watching a movie. it was called the third floor. it starred kevin costner. it started out with these 5 second […]

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