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Allegheny center is creepy

18 January, 2008 (11:22) | Pittsburgh

I walked over to the North Side yesterday to play basketball at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church and I walked through the Allegheny Center mall…That place is like walking through the set of 28 days later.  There’s no one there.  Stores are empty.  THIS IS A MALL.  I felt like I was walking through some sort […]

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I need a psychiatrist because of my psychiatrist

2 January, 2008 (10:55) | Memories

When I was around 7 or so, my parents decided to split.  I don’t remember particularly why, but it was decided that J’aime and I both needed to see psychiatrists as a result.  Actually, I don’t remember if J’aime started at the same time as I did or not, all I know is right around […]

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park on the drive way

14 December, 2007 (11:57) | House Ideas

I want a really long black top drive way.  I think i’d like the house to be back in the woods a little bit, but I always loved houses that sit far from the road ominously.  Not too much of a wind in the road, but maybe an S shape to it.  Something that kids […]

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16 January, 2007 (02:21) | Personal Update

GAD! I’m broken. Andrew Bonnell emailed me friday and asked if i’d play basketball for his church league on saturday, and i was excited to accept. I haven’t played for so long, but i was making shots in warm up, i started, made a few points, some good plays, but i wasn’t “in the zone” […]

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did you know the bee-gee song “staying alive” was first “saturday night”?

4 April, 2004 (01:03) | Personal Update

So i had a pretty big day today.  basketball til noon, ate lunch with 2 friends, watched some 3 on 3 tournament action, saw the soulpatch show, saw phantom planet play on bigelow, i tried calling you adrienne.  thought you might enjoy that, i just wanted to let you know that.  so then out to […]

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If i were in australia, would my head spin the other way?

1 April, 2004 (02:23) | Personal Update

If i were in australia, would my head spin the other way?before i get too far…No. I did not drink. Did you really think i would?? I had a really great time though. Always fun with adrienne. I have to say though, ALL aspects of the past 24 hours have been complete new ground for […]

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