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You’re my playmate of the year

10 December, 2008 (16:57) | Memories

Here’s a first time truth story for you.  when i was 13 or 14, i was big into BMG music service.  I would sign up at my dad’s house, refer "Jay Hall" at my mom’s address, and I’d get 5 free CDs on top of the introductory offer.  I think it worked out to 12 […]

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whether to weather.

26 April, 2005 (09:40) | Ramblings

just saw this link today, and i have to say, i am outraged, almost to the point to register to vote. To sum it up, Rick Santorum (Pa) is pushing for a billthat will stop the -government funded- National Weather Service from releasing free information to the public, because, get this, it is preventing companies […]

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2 June, 2004 (22:27) | Personal Update

well, i got the AC job.  Barb hooked me up with Mellon though, I am hoping to get an interview with them next week sometime.  I talked with AC, and they said they are fine with me trying to get the mellon thing before taking the job. Jimmie’s Chicken Shack doesn’t have an email mailing […]

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