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out and back

9 May, 2005 (08:20) | Personal Update

So, i’ll give you the play-by-play of this weekend. tok off friday so i could be well rested, headed out about noon, and not a mile down the road i hear this radio commercial for southwest airlines. it says “the next time you are driving from pittsburgh to philly, fly southwest for only $29” I […]

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washington DC rednecks

16 March, 2005 (04:40) | Dreams

Had a small dream last night where i was at my dad’s funeral, but it was in washington DC. Afterwards, my step-dad, Chris, and I walked out of the funeral home, and across the river you could see the lincoln memorial, but it had 7 circular rotundas in a semi-circle around it, each one about […]

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Mini break!

2 March, 2005 (12:19) | Personal Update

woohoo!! no work thursday, friday or monday! took some time off to spend with the family. thursday i’ll go pick up keren from Bethany, then go back home for Deirdre’s play, then friday go apartment shopping with becky, maybe go to deirdre’s play again friday, or go over to adam’s to jam, or just stay […]

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where do we go from here?

31 January, 2005 (07:02) | Personal Update

well, back at work after a short weekend. This is the first weekend in a while that i haven’t had to do anything. No weekend shift and I didnt go home to see my sisters or do anything at the estate. It was nice. I deep cleaned the apartment on saturday and went over to […]

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not posting again until next year

29 December, 2004 (06:06) | Personal Update

What a weekend.  Spent friday night at becky’s family’s and ended up falling asleep there on accident.  wasn’t even a good sleep, but good enough not to leave until 10 am christmas day.  then did the christmas jig at my mom’s for the rest of christmas.  Ended up going over my dad’s house for the […]

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Good Bye, Dad.

20 December, 2004 (11:04) | Personal Update

Harry R. Hall, 50, of Daisytown died Monday December 13, 2004 in Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh following a brief illness. He was born on February 9, 1954 in North Charleroi, Pa. a son of Byron K. and Theressa Baker Hall. Harry was a 1972 graduate of California High School and a 1976 graduate of Penn State […]

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